Initial forays into digital music

Khitchdee was registered as Khitchdee Music Inc, a US S-Corp in Nov 1999 (inactive now). The initial goal was to produce digital audio signal processing algorithms and applications in the music space based on them.
A website snapshot from this period.
The founder moved to Allahabad, India to conduct research on Indian Classical music. After several years of research it was decided not to pursue technology development in this space, since the nature of the music and the tradition of its practice was not amenable to a virtual, digital presence.

Pivot to personalisation, gadget design

Thereafter, Khitchdee pivoted into the area of personalisation with a domain focus on teaching-learning. In particular the target was to develop personalised gadgets. Research was done on the development of tools to develop personalised gadgets specially in the FPGA space. A company Khitchdee Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was registered in India in August 2012 (closed now).
A media interview from this time-period.
Work on the hardware development aspects of this work was stopped due to lack of resources and traction at the end of this phase mostly due to the locational context.

Hardware nixed, Personalisation --> Design

The company refocused itself on its onging work on software tool development. This tool was in the area of user-agent design (a first step towards personalized gadget deisgn). The company changed its earlier focus on personalisation to a focus on design. The user-agent design tool was subsetted to a user interface design tool. The company researched the use of the hexagonal grid inctead of the cartesian grid as a better basis for designing angles and curves in 2-space
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Focus on UI technology, IDE development

The company started developing an SDK for producing PC apps using it's UI technology. The SDK was in C++ and targeted the wxWidgets cross-platform app design toolkit.

Focus on Bicycle Design

The company started designing a tool for designing bicycles. This tool uses the UI technology SDK earlier developed. It uses the hexagonal grid (instead of cartesian) as a basis for design.

Historical website snapshots

Some insights into this company's work in the different phases of it's history.
Khitchdee.com (2002-2016)
Note that we lost the khitchdee.com domain name sometime in 2016. Thereafter we switched to khitchdee.net.
Khitchdee.net (2018-present)