We are creating a glass roof on a Toyota Qualis
to change its aerodynamics to flow air through the car
while reducing the cluastrophobia of a visually enclosed space
without compromising its weatherproofing.
We are redesigning its engine exhaust system for better sound quality
by tuning it's output pipe to resonate with certain wavelengths
and redesigning its suspension for better dynamic stability.

The origional car looked approximately like this.

Origional Design

We are designing a subcompact car about the size of a Honda Brio.


4 doors in a 2+1 seating configuration
with a center mounted forward driver's seat and 2 back seats
(like the McLaren F1).
Body-on-frame construction (not monocoque-unibody)
An all glass roof
Special aerodynamics that flow air through the car
Frameless windows