CAD Tools

We develop CAD tools for our own use in land-vehicle ergonomic design.

Our approach to CAD has 2 cornerstones:

The use of a hexagonal (not cartesian) grid for the design.
The hex grid is used in the placement of points, lines and curves.
We are designing a complete graphics engine for designing
angles and curves using the unique properties of the hex grid.

We designs tools for specific applications.
Those applications being the design of bicycles, motorcycles and cars.
We design the tool ground up for the specific application it targets.
We do not create a generic design and specialize it
for a particular domain
as is the approach taken by all existing tools.


Our first tool will be a 2D drafting tool on a hex grid.
We plan to sell this tool on OSX, Windows and Linux
in a few years.

CAD for bicycles

This tool will be for bicycle design in 3D.

CAD for motorcycles

This tool will be for motorcycle design in 3D.

CAD for cars

This tool will be for car design in 3D.