Khitchdee designs land-vehicles with a focus on ergonomics

Land-vehicles cover bicycles, motorcycles and cars.
We license our designs to land-vehicle manufacturers
and provide design consultation services in targeted design niches.

We are also producing a PC CAD tool
that will prove useful in CAD-CAM of parts used in land-vehicle design
and a tool to design highly efficient keyboard-controlled UIs for PCs.

We're hiring

Khitchdee is currently a singe person company.
I am looking after all aspects of its development.
I am seeking a partner to take on some aspects of Khitchdee's development.
Someone who's experienced, financially secure and settled wherever they are.
You would remotely from your location.
Initially, salary will only be equity in the company
as we haven't reached a revenue earning stage.
To enquire, send me an email at